Naruto Celebrates Sasuke's Birthday With Special Trailer

Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto manga celebrates Sasuke Uchiha's birthday with a new trailer highlighting his biggest moments.

Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto franchise is now celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the original anime adaptation, and the Naruto manga is going all out for Sasuke Uchiha's birthday with a new trailer showing off some of the shinobi's biggest scenes throughout the series! The Naruto franchise has been experiencing a massive comeback in the last few months ever since it started celebrating it being 20 years since the Naruto anime premiered its first episode in Japan. This has led to all sorts of cool new projects now in the works, so it's been a great time to be a fan of Sasuke in particular. 

With the Naruto franchise now bigger than ever, Shueisha is going all out for Sasuke Uchiha's birthday on July 23 with a special new trailer highlighting some of his biggest moments from the manga. With the original incarnation of Sasuke soon returning to screens in the new Naruto anime episodes releasing later this Fall, it's quite the huge celebration for fans of the character as he's gearing up for a massive comeback in all sorts of ways for the milestone 20th Anniversary. You can check out Shueisha's special trailer for Sasuke's birthday below: 

How to Watch Naruto's New Episodes

While there's yet to be a concrete story synopsis revealed for the new episodes just yet, Naruto will be returning for four new episodes highlighting the original incarnation of the anime in celebration of Naruto's 20th Anniversary. These new episodes will start their run on Sunday, September 3rd in Japan and will air for four weeks until this special story is over. If you wanted to celebrate more of Naruto's 20th Anniversary, there's a special promo video highlighting some of the anime's biggest moments in high definition quality for the first time

You can also catch up with the original Naruto anime now streaming its entire run on both Crunchyroll and Hulu. There's also the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime and manga (which will be returning from its latest hiatus soon) if you're itching for more of the franchise's story overall. There are lots of ways to celebrate Naruto overall, and Sasuke's birthday is the perfect occasion to start. 

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