Naruto Shippuden Is Getting Ready To Marry Two Major Characters

Here comes the bride! Now, let's just hope Masashi Kishimoto keeps his ninjas in check. Over on Naruto Shippuden, the anime is set to marry off a pair of its major characters, and fans are gearing up to see the long-awaited ceremony.

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In February, Naruto Shippuden will start to adapt another epilogue story from the series, and it is one fans have been looking forward to most. The 2015 novel Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding will be turned into an animated arc, and it will finally show the wedding between Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga. The arc will begin on February 16th with episode 494. Then, in a tie-in event, the J-World amusement park will celebrate the lovely affair with matrimonial goodies.

To honor the occasion, J-World has debuted a poster for its Naruto event, and it shows the cast of the anime in their formal attire. In the center, Naruto and Hinata can be seen in traditional Japanese wedding attire while their friends surround them. Comrades like Sakura Haruno, Sai, Shikamaru Nara, Kiba, and more can be seen looking sharp in their post-manga attire.

Of course, fans already know that Hinata and Naruto got married in the franchise. The manga confirmed the pair were happily married when Kishimoto ended the manga, and the film Naruto: The Last teased the wedding along with the couple's post-marriage life. Now, audiences will finally get to see the event for themselves, and it is sure to make some fans teary.

The upcoming Naruto epilogue story is not the only one the anime has adapted. In the past months, Naruto Shippuden adapted stories based on Shikamaru's Story and Sasuke's Story. When the canon-compliant stories come to an end, Naruto Shippuden will return to its main storyline. As the show comes to an end, fans will finally see the resolution between Naruto and Sasuke's on-going rivalry as they final battle ends.

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After Naruto Shippuden ends, the franchise will still live on. Last year, news broke that Kishimoto has approved a spin-off series based on Boruto Uzumaki. The creator has said he hopes to make the new series even better than Naruto Shippuden, and fans recently learned the show will kick off with an original story.

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