Netflix Plans To Release 30 Anime Series In 2018

Anime continues expanding into mainstream of pop-culture, and the larger entertainment industry is definitely taking notice.

A new report reveals that Netflix is jumping into anime big time, with a plan to bring thirty original anime series to the streaming service by the end of 2018!

Anime News Network has a breakdown on the new anime series that are coming to the service, which include the following:

  1. Violet Evergarden (Kyoto Animation)
  2. A.I.C.O. - Incarnation (BONES)
  3. Sword Gai: The Animation (DLE Inc.)
  4. B: The Beginning (Production I.G.)
  5. Lost Song (LIDEN FILMS)
  6. Kakegurui (MAPPA)
  7. DEVILMAN crybaby (Science SARU)
  8. Baki (TMS Entertainment)
  9. Cannon Busters (Satelight)
  10. (Domo) Rilakkuma (Dwar Studio)
  11. Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya (Toei Animation)

The Verge further explains that this is all part of Netflix's $8 billion investment in original programming. The company is pushing hard to balance out its service with 50% of original programming in a variety of genres.


The timing isn't coincidental: Disney will be pulling its content from Netflix in 2019, including the highly-lucrative Marvel and Star Wars franchises. It's likely that many other studios and companies will follow Disney's example, which leaves Netflix in a tough spot, as the service is currently propped up by its deals with third-party content providers. In order for Netflix to make it to the next phase, providing subscribers with content that the company owns.

Netflix Anime 2018 Neo Tokyo

Netflix has already pushed into the anime genre by launching Neo Yokio, an anime series starring Jaden Smith and Jude Law, as a fashionable demon hunter and his robot servant, living in a amalgamated mix of New York and Tokyo.

We'll keep you updated about the new anime that Netflix will be launching - but for fans, this is good news that the genre is only getting bigger, and (hopefully) better.