New Report Suggests Netflix's One Piece Will Have Some Dark Changes

When you think of One Piece, you don't exactly think of dark arcs and brutal storylines. Sure, the shonen series does have its moments, but One Piece is at a level that most anyone can enjoy without getting offended. However, its dark moments are very much real, and a new report says Netflix will tap into that darkness more often than not in its live-action adaptation of One Piece.

The news comes from the site Bounding Into Comics which posted a report the other day containing lots of alleged details from the project. The site says an anonymous source passed them a version of the One Piece pilot at Netflix from last June, and it contains some dark spoilers.


So you have been warned! There may be spoilers below for One Piece's live-action adaptation:

  • Execution: In the first episode, the alleged details suggest fans will get a much better look at Gol D. Roger's execution. The anime and manga were never to explicit with his death, but it turns out Kong and Sengoku will be the pair who give the word to execute Roger rather some fodder Marines.
  • Zoro: The most liberties taken with this first script regard none other than the Pirate Hunter himself, Roronoa Zoro. The character is shown killing Mr. 7 long before he ever meets Luffy. This ordeal took place over a hundred episodes into the anime, so it is clear the show will want to make Zoro a threat from the onset.
  • Crucify: Perhaps the most brutal change shown in this script is how Zoro is detained after he runs into Helmeppo. Rather than being tied to a pole, the man is said to be crucified on a cross with no words whether he is simply tied or nailed onto. That will certainly take fans by surprise, and many are curious to see how this darker tone works.

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