New Report Reveals the Insane Hours Average Anime Animators Work

It's been no secret that the mediums of anime and manga demand a lot from their creators. With the artists of both enterprises sacrificing much of their lives in pursuit of making their creativity their profession, the trials and tribulations of these creative minds has long been a sticking point among fans and members of the industry. Recently, a Japanese survey asked a number of those involved with the creation of anime and manga just how many hours per week that they spend in their designated professions, unveiling the amount of work that artists put into their craft and also asking the question of what can be done to alleviate some this stress.

SoraNews24 translated the recent survey that was shared via Yahoo News Japan, with respondents coming in the form of 382 "artists, producers, animators, writers, editors, directors, and animators" that all gave a better idea of the hard work that is put behind your favorite series in anime and manga.

From the responses that the suvery received, these anime and manga professionals work roughly "11.5 hours per day". With these high hours. the average pay for those in the industry tends to be around $40,000 USD annually, though it was reported by around "40% of those that responded" that they receive less despite the long hours.

Each of those who enters this industry clearly has a love for the creative endeavors that they are undertaking, though they did note that the long hours and stressful profession does often tend to make creators resent their chosen professions, with one worker being quoted as such:

"“Every day, I’m eating into my savings, rushing blindly to get my work done, and I find myself thinking ‘Just what was it that I ever liked about anime? Why do I stick with this industry?’ Sometimes I can’t find the answers anymore. It’s using up all of my mental and physical strength, plus my money and my time.”


Though these hours are still quite difficult to wrap one's head around, one responder did note that things have been getting better for animators and those that are involved in the industry report that conditions have been made somewhat better for themselves since earlier days. Hopefully, conditions and environments for animators and those other professionals can continue to be made better to create a stress free work environment.

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