New 'Gintama' Anime To Debut In October

The sixth season of Gintama will be starting in October this year, as fans are eager to for the series' return. Earlier this year Gintama fans were given the series' fifth season since the anime started in 2006. That season ended with only twelve episodes and focused on the Rakuyou arc, where the Harusame Pirates hunted down the 7th division led by Kamui and the Kiheitai. However, they managed to escape Planet Rakuyou before being beaten, as Umibouzu contracted Kaientai to save Takasugi and the others.

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Meanwhile, now fans can get ready for the series' 6th season and second season this year, with the Gintama official website already confirming that the anime will start with the Porori Arc. This arc has not appeared in the manga, with fans hoping that Gintama's production team will get to animate the skipped arcs before the Shogun Assassination Arc.

Since the Gintama made its debut through the works of manga writer and illustrator Hideaki Sorachi in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in 2003, the anime has had 328 episodes. In addition, the series has also had many OVA's and two animated films. In 2017 Warner Bros. Pictures released Gintama's first live-action adaptation in July and generated over $42 million USD.

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(Photo: Bandai Namco Pictures )

In this upcoming season, Gintama fans can look forward to more of the manga's short gags, as well as a number of new ones that have not appeared in the manga previously. The official release date for Gintama season six is at 1:35 pm Sunday, October 1st and then again on Monday at 1:05 pm on TV Osaka.