This Artist Has Remade Some Top Memes Into Pokemon

Pokemon has been around for more than 20 years at this point, and the franchise is evolving by the year. As fans grow, the series tries to adapt to new ideas and bring out even more imaginative Pokemon. And thanks to one artist, it seems a new realm is being approached by its own pocket monsters.

That is why several top memes online have been adapted into actual Pokemon, and fans will wonder why they did ask for this before after seeing the results.

Over on Twitter, the artist Viperfish gave fans a gift by posting a set of Pokemon fan-art pieces. As you can see below, the artwork ranges from cats to humans, and their Pokemon adaptations come out surprisingly good.

The first makeover up is none other than a cat which went viral on social media for freaking out their neighbor. The wide-eyed kitty may look mangy in the video, but their Pokemon mirror is downright elegant. The Fairy-type, which has been named Granmaw, has a white-and-pink color scheme with iridescent eyes and an overbite.

The second meme features everyone's favorite sweater-loving pooch, and the dog has been transformed into Barka by this artist. Their Pokemon channels both dark and fire energy, but it begins as Spyk. The dog starts off in a shell and then evolves into a full-blown doggo when it hits level 25.

The final meme adapted was none other than a traffic cone-wearing man wielding a stop sign. As strange as that sounds, the description is on-point, and it makes for a solid Pokmemon. The creature begins as Trafkick and uses its psychic-rock powers to fight. The Pokemon can then evolve into Psykone with a bit of help, and the cone-wearing creature looks like its fully ready to stop a traffic accident from happening.

While there's no reason to think The Pokemon Company is using memes to create new Pokemon, there are more coming down the line. The franchise will see its next generation go live this November when Pokemon Sword & Shield debuts, and several creatures of generation eight have already been made public.


So, which meme would you like to see made into a Pokemon? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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