Ninjala Is Getting Its Own Anime

Ninjala is eager to celebrate its next big season, and there is more coming to the game than just tournaments. Season eight is slated to go live in early December and bring tons of goodies to players across the globe. And thanks to GungHo Online Entertainment, fans know Ninjala is pairing its new season with behind-the-scenes work on an actual anime.

The announcement went live today courtesy of GOE as the company posted a new Developer Diary entry. The video breaks down a slew of season eight highlights as players expected. But at the end, the talk shifts as the Ninjala team confirms the game is getting a full-fledged anime.

"GOE also revealed that a new Ninjala anime series is in development and will begin airing January 2022. This production is more involved than Ninjala's YouTube cartoon anime series and will dive deeper into the game's colorful world," the company's official announcement shares.

As you can see, Ninjala has plans to debut its own anime, and the series will tackle the game's colorful world. At this time, fans are not sure who all is working on the Ninjala anime or the studio that is overseeing the adaptation. You can rest assured that GOE is keeping a close eye on Ninjala as the hit free-to-play multiplayer works towards its second anniversary. And if all goes well, the game's big anime will drop once the new year has rung in.

Want to know more about Ninjala? You can check out the online multiplayer right now for free using the Nintendo Online Shop on any Nintendo Switch console. If you need more details on the game, you can find Ninjala's official synopsis here: "The year is 20XX. The ninja, who once forged the history of Oedo, were scattered across the country during the Meiji Restoration. As ninjas mingled with other clans, their bloodline thinned, and they gradually faded from sight. The descendants of these ninja clans, seeking to preserve their heritage, formed the WNA (World Ninja Association) in the hope of carrying on their legacy. And so it was that the WNA succeeded in developing Ninja-Gum, an art which could summon forth the strength of the Shinobi. And yet creating the most powerful Ninja-Gum requires the strongest of ninja DNA. So it was that the Ninjala Tournament was held, that the mightiest of all ninjas could be found..."

What do you think about Ninjala's plan to tackle television? Will you be tuning into the series or...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.