Odd Taxi's Movie Releases First Trailer, Poster

The new year is here, but plenty of fans are catching up with anime's biggest hit of 2021. You might have missed Odd Taxi when it went live, but the thrilling series got the fandom buzzing with its twists and turns. Not long ago, it was announced Odd Taxi was working to bring its first movie to theaters, and we've been given our first look at the project at last!

As you can see below, the new visual for Odd Taxi's movie brings back a very familiar face. Odokawa is seen standing centered on a street filled with people rushing around. While all the others are blurred as they race forward, Odokawa is easy to make out, and a slogan is printed to his right. The phrase reads, "The truth is in the woods," and this visual shows that exactly. You only need to replace the forest's trees with people and then you've entered a concrete jungle.

(Photo: OLM / PICS)

A trailer for Odd Taxi: In the Woods was also released as you can see above. The clip keeps its secrets close to its chest, but fans are reunited with Odokawa all the same. The taxi driver is back at work in this partial sequel, so some of the scenes shown here will be familiar. But as the film carries on, fans expect new mysteries and cases to fall into our hero's cab as he drives around the city.

Now, if you are not familiar with Odd Taxi, you have time to catch up before this movie goes live. The show debuted in April 2021 with 13 episodes courtesy of director Baku Kinoshita. Set in a world created by anthropomorphic animals, Odd Taxi focuses on a middle-aged taxi driver named Odokawa. The quiet driver spends most of his days ferrying guests in his taxi, and he begins to learn about the city's criminal underbelly as he drives passengers and overhears their chats. But when authorities get involved with Odokawa and a missing person's case, the melancholic walrus has his life turned upside down.

What do you think of this first-look at Odd Taxi: In the Woods? Have you checked out the anime's first season yet? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.