One Piece Gets Emotional with a Disturbing Reunion

One Piece has introduced a whole bunch of pirates during its lifetime, but some of them are more memorable than others. Thanks to the Wano Country arc, fans have new respect for Eustass Kid and his crew of thugs. After all, the pirate has been working alongside Luffy to take down Wano's tyrants, but a recent anime episode took the red-headed captain down a notch with a very emotional scene.

The ordeal took place at thee prison camp after Eustass was captured during an escape attempt. The man was put into chains before a familiar prisoner was brought before him. The newcomer disturbed some readers with his manic laughter, and things got even more upsetting when it was revealed the man was none other than Killer.

You can check out the scene below as Eustass learns about his friend. The captain is confused as he watches Killer laugh uncontrollably with tears streaming down his face. Eustass reminds his righthand man about their adventures and how much Killer hates to laugh in public. There is no telling what Orochi or Kaido did to turn Killer into such a broken man. But as this clip shows, Eustass is terribly upset to see his friend in such pain.

The video goes on to show Killer laughing and crying at the same time. His hysterical behavior is uncomfortable to watch, and it makes all of the prison guards happy. As for Eustass, the captain works himself up into a bigger fury as he asks time and again who hurt his friend. The captain wants to know where the rest of his crew is as well, but no one has an answer for him.


As for Luffy, the boy is also upset to see Killer's state, and Hyogoro seems to blame Orochi for the ordeal. It seems the man was force fed a SMILE fruit that wasn't quite right. The fruit's side effect will keep Killer laughing forever, and as you can imagine, Eustass will do just about anything to help his friend return to normal.

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