One Piece Debunks Major Theory About Kaido's Kid

One Piece took everyone by surprise a while back when it introduced Yamato to the world. No one could have expected that Kaido had a kid, and they would have never bet the child hated their father. Of course, fans were quick to concoct theories about the kid and who their mother might be. But after a new update, it seems one of the top fan-theories about Yamato's mom is not true at all.

If you have kept up to One Piece, you will know Kaido is on a rampage. The War for Wano is here, and the Beasts Pirates leader is none too happy after his son jumped his team. After all, Yamato is determined they are the reincarnate of Kozuki Oden, so he has jumped to Team Straw Hat for this feud. Creator Eiichiro Oda has been building this blood feud for a while now, and it turns out Yamato's mother is not on her side.

For some time now, fans have been convinced one of the Beasts Pirates conceived Yamato with Kaido. The biggest suspect was none other than Black Maria as the Tobbi Roppo fighter is obsessed with Kaido. The fighter also seemed to be old enough to flirt with Kaido and bore a child. But thanks to an update from Od=, this fan-theory is bust.

After all, the creator just confirmed new info about Black Maria, and it seems the timelines here are all wrong for the theory. Black Maria is currently 29 years old which is way younger than any expected. This means the fighter is a year older than Yamato, so you can see why the fan-theory works. Kaido had his child when Black Maria was one, so that is not going to fly. Now, One Piece fans are wondering if another pirate ended up conceiving Yamato, but the world will never know until Oda drops some sort of secret.

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