One Piece Secretly Revealed a Pirate's All-New Bounty

One Piece fans have a hard time when it comes to bounties because there are so many of them going [...]

One Piece fans have a hard time when it comes to bounties because there are so many of them going around. From the Straw Hats and beyond, any pirate worth their salt has a bounty on their head from the Marines. Some characters like Luffy have crazy high bounties while others are in the middle, but One Piece did try to sneak one promotion by fans without saying a word. But thanks to one person, the bounty change has been found.

Over on Twitter, the fan-site Library of Ohara shared the observation after someone on Facebook pointed it out. The whole ordeal is thanks to the Whole Cake Island arc and Capone's part in it. The mobster pirate never got an official bounty raise after the arc, but a bounty for Capone has confirmed he's worth a few more bucks.

"Can't believe I missed this detail as did most people, but it seems Capone got a 50,000,000 raise after the events at Whole Cake (similarly to how Barto/Cabbage also got a 50M raise, seems a Marine standard). That makes his current bounty 350,000,000 belly! So subtle of Oda," the site pointed out.

As you can see in the tweet above, the bounty raise is easy to miss. Capone's revised wanted poster is shown in the manga at one point, but its figures are difficult to read. But if you look very closely, you will see it reads 350,000,000. That might not sound like much to fans, but Capone still has a higher bounty than Tony Tony Chopper... but that is probably just because the reindeer looks so unassuming in his base form.

Of course, some fans are not happy with the raise given how little it was. Capone was involved in Big Mom's defeat enough to warrant more money. But as fans know, Luffy got the bulk of the cash thanks to a propaganda promotion. Capone might not be wanted for what he's worth, but the smoking pirate will take whatever bounty he can get. Luffy can deal with the Marines for awhile in his stead... that is, if the captain can get out of Wano!

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