One Piece Debuts First New Ending in 17 Years: Watch

One Piece Episode 1071 debuted the anime's first new ending theme sequence in 17 years.

One Piece has debuted the anime's first new ending theme sequence in 17 long years with the newest episode of the series! One Piece has kicked off a whole new era of the anime with the true climax of the Wano Country arc as the fight between Luffy and Kaido on the roof of Onigashima's Skull Dome has reached a whole new level of ridiculousness. But as the fight continues, the anime has marked this major turning point in the series by breaking a streak that had gone on for 17 years with the introduction of a full ending theme sequence. 

One Piece Episode 1071 really took over the world with Gear 5 Luffy's highly anticipated debut in the anime, but this was far from the only celebration that One Piece did for the occasion. This episode also introduced the first new ending theme sequence since 2006, "Raise" as performed by Chill Beans. It's a surreal moment seeing a new ending theme in nearly two decades, and you can check out the creditless version of One Piece's new ending sequence below as released by One Piece's official YouTube channel: 

How to Watch One Piece Episode 1071

This is the first new ending theme for the One Piece anime since Delicatessen's "Adventure World," which ended its run with Episode 278 way back in 2006, and since then we've been getting longer versions of the opening themes instead. But that's changed with One Piece Episode 1071 as it's the first time we've seen Gear 5 Luffy in action in the series too. If you wanted to check out the episode for yourself, you can now find the newest episode of One Piece (along with the rest of the back catalog) now streaming with Crunchyroll. 

One Piece Episode 1071 is titled "Luffy's Peak – Attained! Gear Five" and Toei Animation teased the episode as such, "An amusing heartbeat unleashed! Both his allies and enemies got involved and are astounded. Is that free and flexible power a ridiculous thing or a token of freedom?! Fortune comes in by a merry gate...of Nika. Here comes the Warrior of Liberation who transcends all imagination!" 

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