One Piece Cosplay Assembles The Cross Guild

The Cross Guild has a big role in One Piece's final arc, so cosplayers are more than happy to honor the swashbuckling cadre.

There are quite a few pirates in the Grand Line that are searching for the One Piece. While the Straw Hat Pirates are attempting to find Gol D. Roger's legendary treasure to make Monkey D. Luffy the king of the pirates, the Cross Guild is looking to do the same for far less altruistic reasons. Consisting of Buggy, Mihawk, and Crocodile, the Guild might just be the biggest competitors to Luffy and company in achieving their dreams and one cosplayer has brought all three to life.

While Crocodile and Mihawk have easily earned their place as two of the most dangerous pirates sailing the seas, Buggy is another story. Despite having some wild abilities thanks to eating a Devil Fruit, the clown pirate still has a long way to go to be as powerful as his two comrades, a fact that they remind him of constantly. Buggy is effectively a hostage, rather than a leader, within the Cross Guild, meaning that even if they are successful in attaining the One Piece treasure, he might not be rewarded for his efforts. Considering the Straw Hats currently have their hands full with the World Government on Future Island, it will be interesting to see where the Cross Guild comes into play in this skirmish.

The Cross Guild Assembles

Should the Cross Guild fight the Straw Hat Pirates, it would be interesting to see who squares off with one another. Certainly, Zoro has a score to settle with Roronoa Zoro, but has Crocodile being training enough to put a dent in Luffy's power now that the Straw Hat can wield Gear Fifth? Most likely, we'll have some of these questions answered before we witness the Straw Hat Pirates sail into the sunset. 

Luffy has some big challenges ahead of him in the anime's future before he comes face-to-face with the Cross Guild once again. In protecting Dr. Vegapunk, the Straw Hat Pirates have run afoul of Rob Lucci, and more notable members of the World Government are preparing to make landfall. However Eiichiro Oda brings the series to an end, the mangaka is looking to end things with a bang.

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