One Piece Cosplay Fuses Nami And Enel

One Piece's final saga is underway in the pages of its manga, and each of the Straw Hat Pirates is giving it their all following their encounter with Dr. Vegapunk. Thanks to the War for Wano arc, Nami was given a fairly big power-up thanks to gaining one of Big Mom's allies as her new friend and showing her power in fighting against the Seraphim. Now, one cosplayer has taken the opportunity to fuse the Straw Hats' map maker with a major villain that Luffy and company encountered.

The One Piece manga might have given the Straw Hat Pirates some major insight into the origins of the Devil Fruit thanks to Vegapunk's revelations. In the next chapter that is preparing to arrive from Weekly Shonen Jump, the traitor that is aiming at Vegapunk might just be revealed and there are plenty of characters to choose from. In the One Piece anime, the War For Wano continues and the biggest moment that is preparing to arrive is Luffy's Gear Fifth transformation. While the Straw Hat captain continues to fight against Kaido, the new form will transform him into a living cartoon and will certainly put the animators at Toei Animation to the test.

Nami x Enel Fusion

While Nami has been present and accounted for in the final saga of One Piece's manga, it's been quite some time since we've seen Enel. The "god" of Skypiea might be due for a comeback, especially with the clock ticking as Eiichiro Oda works toward finally bringing his manga magnum opus to a close. Luckily, one cosplayer has been able to bring Enel back in quite a unique fashion by fusing the villain with a Straw Hat. 

Eiichiro Oda has confirmed that the final saga for the Straw Hats is underway, though the mangaka hasn't confirmed how many chapters are left before Luffy and his crew sails off into the sunset. Before the end, we fully expect more heroes and villains from One Piece's past to make returns before the Grand Line takes a bow. Hopefully, all the Straw Hats are able to make it out of the manga alive and see their dreams come true.

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