One Piece Cosplay Gets Serious With Shanks

Shanks has never looked as serious than in this new One Piece cosplay.

Shanks might have taught Monkey D. Luffy the breaks when it came to being a swashbuckler, but the Red-Haired pirate captain hasn't seen his mentee for many years in One Piece. The reunion has been one of the most anticipated moments of the shonen franchise and with the final saga underway, it's a moment that might be closer than Straw Hat fans think. Thanks to Netflix's One Piece live-action adaptation, we might see the return of Shanks in the realm of live-action as the series continues but that isn't stopping fans from creating new takes on the anime character via cosplay.

One Piece's final saga sees Luffy and his crew taking on the World Government on Future Island, though this doesn't mean that Shanks doesn't have plans of his own. Creator Eiichiro Oda brought Shanks back into play following the conclusion of the Wano Arc, as Luffy's mentor fought against Kid and brought down the Worst Generation member. Despite, seemingly, not having eaten a Devil Fruit, Shanks' power is startling as he was able to take down Kid with a single blow, going to show that the Red-Haired pirate hasn't missed a beat despite being in the background.

Final Saga Shanks Reporting For Duty

During the events of One Piece Film: Red, Shanks and Luffy were featured heavily in the marketing for the shonen movie. Unfortunately for shonen fans, the two didn't meet in the movie, though they did team up in a sense to take down the film's antagonist. The movie also introduced Shanks' daughter Uta, who was billed as the world's greatest diva, though it has yet to be seen if she will have a role to play in One Piece's final saga.

The Straw Hat Pirates have learned quite a bit from Dr. Vegapunk on Future Island so far. Thanks to this knowledge, the Five Elders now have Vegapunk and Luffy in their sights as they are proving why the leaders continue to rule the Navy and the rest of the world's military.

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