One Piece Promo Hypes the Anime's Next Big Scene

One Piece has been impressing fans on a near weekly basis with the anime ever since it kicked off its take on the Wano Country arc a few years ago, and now the series is hyping the next big scene coming to the anime with the promo for the next episode of the series! It's been an impressive run for One Piece's anime lately as those working behind the scenes have been able to go all out for some of the biggest moments with Luffy finally making it to the roof of the Skull Dome to face off against Kaido. 

It's not every episode that it happens, but it's been used to punctuate some of the biggest moments of the war across Onigashima thus far. With Luffy now back on the roof of the Skull Dome for his third and final fight against Kaido, the climax of the Wano Country arc has kicked off in full. It seems like the anime will be doing so in a grand fashion as the promo for Episode 1051 of the series is teasing that we'll get to see yet another fantastic sequence. Check out the promo below as released by Toei Animation: 

How to Watch One Piece Episode 1051

Episode 1051 of One Piece is titled "A Legend All Over Again! Luffy's Fist Roars in the Sky!," and will be premiering on Saturday, February 11th. You will be able to check out the next episode when it releases with Crunchyroll, and as for what to expect, the promo teases it as such, "Momonosuke has sunk his fangs into Kaido who tries to control everything by force. The blood and tears that have been shed are woven into a ray of hope which is entrusted to Luffy! The clash for the fate of the Land of Wano once again shakes the era!" 

When we had last seen Luffy and Kaido, Momonosuke was now in the mix as his fully unleashed dragon form is the only thing that can stack up to Kaido's own transformation. After some badgering from Luffy, Momonosuke finally got involved directly and took a bite out of Kaido, and thus with no fear holding any of them back from this point on, everyone is ready to bring this fight to an end. 

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