One Piece Is Headed Into Outer Space

One Piece has seen the Straw Hat Pirates journeying to many insane locales across the seas of the [...]

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One Piece has seen the Straw Hat Pirates journeying to many insane locales across the seas of the Grand Line, with the current Wano Arc seeing Luffy and his friends struggling against the power of Kaido and his Beast Pirates, but it seems as if an upcoming collaboration will take Eiichiro Oda's creations to the stars. In an upcoming issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, the regular publication will highlight the crossover project in the "Kibo Discover Project" which will see One Piece teaming up with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency to promote science and the exploration of outer space.

Taking place on August 2nd, the upcoming collaboration will see the Straw Hat Pirates venturing into outer space to search for the "great treasure of the universe," and focus on the International Space Station along with the JAXA. While the Straw Hats won't be going into outer space in either the pages of its manga or episodes of its anime, for now, this upcoming crossover makes for an ingenious way to use the characters created by Eiichiro Oda to help promote the exploration of the stars, while also offering a tour of the ISS via astronaut Akihiko Hoshide on September 3rd.

The Official Twitter Account for One Piece shared the details for the upcoming outer space collaboration that will see the Straw Hat Pirates trading in their ship for a spacecraft to explore the stars:

Currently, in both the anime and the manga, the Straw Hat Pirates are attempting to take down the Beast Pirates and free the denizens of Wano Country, having met plenty of new allies and enemies along the way. While the battle is far from over, it's clear that the ramifications of this fight will change the world of the Grand Line forever.

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