One Piece Anime Shares First Look at Kid Kuma

One Piece Episode 1106 dropped a heartbreaking first look at Kuma's past...

One Piece's anime has been setting up for the next major phase of the Egghead Arc, and the newest episode of the series has shared the first look at Bartholomew Kuma's past! Although the main focus of the Egghead Arc thus far has been the current conflict to save Dr. Vegapunk from the World Government as Luffy and the Straw Hats are trying to escape from the future island laboratory, one of the most emotional through lines of the arc has been quietly brewing on the back burner. Now that Jewelry Bonney is getting closer to answers, she's about to learn a ton about her father. 

Bonney has been seen in this arc wanting to take out Dr. Vegapunk for all of the experiments he ran on her father, and attacked the scientist to find out what he was keeping a secret. But as the scientist refused to reveal why he did the Pacifista experiments on Kuma, Bonney refused to listen to him and found a giant version of Kuma's pain transference ability within Vegapunk's laboratory. On touching this bear paw, Bonney began to see into Kuma's memories and started to unlock Kuma's tragic past. 

One Piece: First Look at Kid Kuma

One Piece Episode 1106 follows up after Bonney's attack on Dr. Vegapunk, and it sees her touching Kuma's left over bear paw. It's a bit tough for her to connect to it at first, and soon she soon dives into what is revealed to be Kuma's memory. It's here that fans are introduced to Kuma as a child, and his been chained, beaten, and crying over the life he has to suffer through. Voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto (Katsuki Bakugo in My Hero Academia, Genya Shinazugawa in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba), it's a heartbreaking first look. 

It's far from the only look we'll get to see at Kuma as One Piece: Egghead Arc will be showcasing a much deeper look at Kuma's tragic past through Bonney's eyes. As the current Kuma is seemingly fighting across the world for an unknown mission, all of these elements will cross paths in the coming months. Fans will find out more about this key piece of Bonney, Kuma, and Dr. Vegapunk's shared pasts with one another before the arc reaches its boiling point. 

You can find the newest episodes of One Piece: Egghead Arc now streaming with Crunchyroll and Netflix.