Netflix's One Piece Debuts Gold Roger's Wanted Poster

One Piece's Live Action series has given anime fans their first look at Gol D. Roger's Wanted Poster.

One Piece's first live-action adaptation is preparing to hit Netflix on August 31st, with the series setting sail with eight episodes to introduce new viewers to new takes on the Straw Hat Pirates. With shonen creator Eiichiro Oda acting as an Executive Producer on the upcoming series, the showrunners have said time and time again that the Netflix show will be paying homage to its source material. With Gol D. Roger set to appear in the live-action series, the prolific pirate's "Wanted Poster" has found its way online.

Gol D. Roger is perhaps the most important character in One Piece history, outside Luffy and his crew of Straw Hat Pirates of course. Discovering the "One Piece Treasure" and imploring other swashbucklers to find it before he was put to death, Roger is set to be portrayed by actor Michael Dorman in the Netflix adaptation. Dorman has had roles in some major projects in the past, including the likes of For All Mankind, The Invisible Man, Patriot, and ironically enough, was a part of another swashbuckling franchise. In 2017, Dorman played the role of First Officer Wade in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Gol D. Roger: A Wanted Man

Gol D. Roger's Wanted Poster captures the ferocity of the swashbuckling captain and proves just how big of a threat he was in the eyes of the world government. Holding a bounty of over 5.5 billion berries, Roger led quite the example for the likes of Monkey D. Luffy to follow. Roger might have died long before he was able to come face to face with Luffy, but his legacy has been a driving element in the shonen series over its history.

Despite never returning from the grave, Roger did have a significant role in the recent Wano Arc in the anime adaptation. Featured in a major flashback, anime viewers were able to see Gol D. Roger in action during an earth-shattering encounter with Whitebeard as the founder of the One Piece asked Kozuki Oden to be a part of his crew. As the manga sails toward its grand finale, it wouldn't come as a surprise if Roger returned via a new flashback.

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