One Piece Explains Why Marco Showed Up in Wano

One Piece is never one to leave a loose string on its own for too long, and Marco is living proof of that. There are some plot points fans won't find out about until the manga ends, but the future of Marco was not one of them. The former Whitebeard pirate shocked everyone when he made a last-minute comeback as of late, and it seems the doctor had a good reason for showing up.

If you have checked out the newest chapter of One Piece, you will see that Marco appears for the briefest of moments. The pirate confirmed he has joined the alliance set forth to take down Orochi and Kaido. Marco said he would do as much earlier on Sphinx, but he did not know if he would make it in time.

As it turns out, Marco made it just fine, and he arrived in Wano at the same time Nekomamushi did. The group is traveling together towards the big battlefield at Onigashima, and Marco says he would have made this mission a priority if he knew how bad things had gotten in Wano.

(Photo: Viz Media)

"Look, I love Oden, but word from Wano doesn't travel out of the country. I never thought things had gotten this bad," he shared.


Now, it is only a matter of time before Marco the Phoenix and Nekomamushi show up at Onigashima. Their help will be much appreciated as the forces working to uphold Orochi are fierce. Both Kaido and Big Mom have teamed up in an alliance, but the Wano Rebels are nothing to laugh at either. And if Luffy can convince Kaido's son to join them, it seems like a new era is ahead for the infamous island nation.

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