One Piece Brings a Mysterious New Weapon to Wano

One Piece has no shortage of weapons in its rank, and fans have seen most of them in action. While the story has yet to dish details on its rumored ancient weapons, pirates have come up with their own tools for battle whether they be swords or guns. Of course, these things are par for the course when you are sailing the Grand Line, but a new update has readers eyeing a certain new weapon rather carefully.

The revelation came with the most recent chapter of One Piece. The update in chapter 991 followed our heroes as they continued their battle on Wano. While Kaido and the samurai fight up above, the Straw Hats are dealing with Kaido's men down below. A number of the Straw Hats have since found their first fight partners, but Queen decided to challenge his opponents with an onslaught of bullets.

The whole thing went down at the end of the chapter when Queen came out with a turret gun. The massive gun looks plenty normal in the giant's grip, and Queen promises the gun will spell disaster for X-Drake. But at first, it seems the former Kaido crewman is less than impressed.

one piece

"Did you really think you could kill me with that? Unless these bullets...," Drake trails off before a cliffhanger cuts in.

It seems that Queen has laced the bullets in his gun with something mysterious, and One Piece fans are unsure what the substance is. Drake seems very worried by the bullets, and fans are shown others in agony after being hit by a stray round.


Of course, fans are sure they know what Queen laced the bullets with. The villain is a skilled mechanic who specializes in biological weaponry. In the past, he has made viruses like Mummy that tortures anyone it hits before they die. These so-called Excite Bullets have no doubt been put in this gun, and that means Drake (and everyone else) needs to keep on guard.

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