One Piece's Surprise Hiatus Is Due to Its Creator's Health

Earlier this week, One Piece fans were given an update on the manga that took them by surprise. A [...]

Earlier this week, One Piece fans were given an update on the manga that took them by surprise. A report went live that announced the hit manga was going to take a surprise break. The reveal caught fans unaware as the series rarely takes unscheduled vacations, but an official statement on the ordeal has confirmed why the series is taking a break.

As it turns out, the manga is taking a short break because of its creator. New reports have surfaced following the manga's official announcement regarding a sudden hiatus. Each says Eiichiro Oda is under the weather, so One Piece fans are sending all the good vibes to the artist while he's on sick leave.

According to the reports, One Piece will be on a two-week break effective immediately. This means the next chapter will go live on October 16. The manga promises to host a comeback with a cover and color page, so fans feel good about chapter 992. Now, the only thing left is for Oda to rest and relax as he fights whatever bug he's facing.

Netizens are more than happy to give the artist whatever time he needs to recuperate. Oda is basically a machine when it comes to putting out chapters of One Piece. While the artist does take his fair share of scheduled breaks, Oda isn't one to take undue sick days. But as we all know, illness can strike at any time and Oda isn't immune to everything.

As for what this break means in the long run, fans are sure it has thrown off

. The artist would have been working on a tight schedule even before this last-minute hiatus, but fans are fine with waiting. After all, 2020 has been a gnarly year for so many, and there is no better way to kick off the next year than with a manga milestone!

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