One Piece: New Theory Says Zoro Has Been Hiding His True Power This Whole Time

When it comes to One Piece, its creator knows how to play out a long con. Eiichiro Oda has kept fans hanging on cliffhangers for years only to blow their minds when its resolution is brought about. Of course, the same can be said about character reveals and secret villains, but fans are mostly aware of these knowledge gaps. Well, except for the one about Zoro that is now blowing minds everywhere.

The little detail was noticed by fans after One Piece chapter 989 went live this past week. Oda filled the update with a big Straw Hat reunion as the crew gathered in full for the first time in years. The gang has come together to fight for real against Big Mom, but fans focused on Zoro in particular. And over on Reddit, user porterpeak hyped fans by pointing out something about the. swordsman.

"In the code of conduct for samurai (also known as Bushido, [it] dictates that samurai must wear their swords on their left hip, regardless of their dominant hand. Wearing it on the left indicates one is ready for action, while the right means you don't expect to fight," the post explains.

(Spoiler) Small detail from chapter 989 that really hype me up! from r/OnePiece

The post, as you can see below, points out that Zoro has never taken this code by heart until now. His previous romps in the New World all picture Zoro with his swords hilted on his righthand side. The swords do not turn to the left until chapter 989. As the post points out, it seems Zoro didn't take any enemies seriously in the New World until this most recent chapter, and fans are stunned for two reasons.


Obviously, this detail is mind-blowing, but One Piece fans are not surprised Oda threaded it in. They are also impressed that Zoro has likely been holding back his true strength, and it will likely come out in the coming chapters. After all, the Straw Hats have two Yonko to take down along with a massive army. Now is not the time to bluff, and Luffy is going to need Zoro to give everything he's got!

What do you think about this little One Piece theory? Do you believe Zoro has been holding back this whole time? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.