One Piece Snuck Kaido's Kid Into a Chapter a Long Time Ago

One of the biggest new characters to be introduced in the Wano Arc of One Piece was definitely the progeny of Kaido, captain of the Beast Pirates, in Yamato, and it seems as if the potential Straw Hat Pirate might have appeared far sooner than we had originally thought. In the current story arc, the War for Wano is currently ravaging across the land of the isolated nation and the child of Kaido has clearly shown which side she has joined as she attempts to live up to the legacy of Kozuki Oden, even going so far as to take his name!

Kozuki Oden was the wandering samurai of Wano, with a dream to free the country from the nefarious grasp of the evil Shogun called Orochi and his partnership with Kaido and the Beast Pirates! In trying to open up the borders of the isolated nation, he travelled the Grand Line alongside the likes of both Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger, but eventually returned to his homeland to find something unexpected. Sentenced to death via a terrible boiling pot, Oden was able to save his vassals, aka the samurai that were following his lead, but was killed in the process by Orochi and Kaido.

Twitter User New World Artur used some keen eyes to find what appears to be Yamato mourning the loss of Kaido when he was killed by Kaido and Orochi, setting the country of Wano down a very dark path that was ruled by iron fists:

The War for Wano has placed Yamato alongside Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, with the offspring of Kaido attempting to accomplish Oden's dreams by fighting against the Beast Pirates. Though the anime has yet to fully catch up to this current brawl taking place in the manga, it will definitely be something to see when these insane action scenes are translated into the series that is animated by Toei Animation!


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