One Piece Reveals Orochi's Horrible Goal as Shogun

The Wano Country Arc is reaching a fever pace in One Piece's manga, taking us back into the past to see the tragic tale of Oden unfold. The wandering samurai of Wano, who left his homeland to explore the world aboard the ships of Whitebeard and Gol D Roger, has returned and found things to be in a dire state. With Orochi, the tiny tyrant who has taken control of the country, holding a terrifying secret above Oden's head, the strong willed swordsman has turned into a joke, dancing through the streets for unknown reasons...until now.

Warning! If you don't want to be spoiler for the recently released chapter of One Piece, 971, you may want to steer clear as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory!

With Oden being sentenced to a terrifying execution, wherein he will be publicly boiled alive in a giant cauldron, the Daimyo of Kuri has presented both Kaido and Orochi with a deal: if both himself and his vassals can survive in the cauldron for an hour, then they can go free. Oden, whose skin begins burning instantly as he jumps into the pot, holds his friends above his head, saving them from the terrible fate of boiling alive. While Oden holds strong, Shinobu reveals the dark secret behind the conversation between Orochi and Oden that set them onto this dark path.

Orochi, who revealed that he has been kidnapping citizens of Wano to keep Oden under his sway, goes into detail about his early life. Thanks to the crimes committed by Orochi's grandfather, the tiny tyrant was tormented by mobs of citizens of Wano Country, looking to get their pound of flesh for the transgressions against them. Holding these crimes close to his chest, Orochi tells Oden that his goal as Shogun is to make Wano suffer, to cause pain to the people that stole his family from him.


With Orochi's thirst for vengeance revealed, his broken promise to Oden is also detailed, as he had originally told the Daimyo of Kuri that he and Kaido would leave after five years if Oden would follow his instructions to the letter. Unfortunately for Oden, Orochi lied and had no plans to leave Wano, causing the uprising that put Oden and his vassals into their current predicament!

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