One Piece Sets Up a Quick Upcoming Break

One Piece is currently playing out the insane battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and Beast [...]

One Piece is currently playing out the insane battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and Beast Pirates in the pages of the manga, but unfortunately, it seems that fans of the Shonen will have to wait a bit longer to read an upcoming chapter of the War for Wano. Eiichiro Oda's work ethic has been the thing of legends within the mangaka community, spending nearly every waking moment in creating the world of Luffy and his crew, so when he needs to take a break, the community is more than willing to accept that the prolific artist will need a brief hiatus.

The environment of anime and manga has been thought of as insanely rigorous, with many terrifying stories being shared regarding the work conditions that have many of them seemingly chained to their desks. Recently, One Piece isn't the only series that has been placed on hiatus, with Jujutsu Kaisen revealing the news that creator Gege Akutami would be taking a break due to health issues. With Akutami stating that he needed a break to recharge, it's clear that mangakas have been putting their all into their universes throughout the medium. It can come at a serious cost when it comes to each artist's health from time to time.

One Piece Hiatus
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One Piece's hiatus, as mentioned earlier, will be a brief one, with the upcoming chapter that was slated to arrive in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #29 will instead be arriving in Issue #30, leaving fans waiting just a little bit longer to see if Luffy will manage to drag himself out of the depths and bring the battle back to Kaido.

In the latest chapter of One Piece, things aren't looking good for Wano Country's resistance, not just thanks to Luffy losing his initial confrontation with Kaido, but also with Kinemon seemingly falling before the captain of the Beast Pirates. Impaling the right-hand man to Kaido on a sword, we aren't sure if Kinemon is in fact dead, but it seems as if Kaido's fight to clear his island of resistance fighters has just begun as his offspring, Yamato, appears before the Beast Pirate Captain as the latest installment comes to a close.

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