One Piece's Creator Told Another Colleague How the Series Will End

One Piece: Red will bring back Red-Haired Shanks along with introducing his daughter, Uta, to the realm of the Grand Line. The fifteenth film of the Shonen series is directed by Goro Tanaguchi, who has a long history with the series, and has such a close relationship with creator Eiichiro Oda, that he knows how the series will end. In a recent interview, Oda spilled the beans that he had spilled the beans to Goro, while noting how this came about.

Taniguchi has had a long history with One Piece, nearly as long as Oda's history with the franchise. In 1998, Goro was the director for One Piece's first anime project, One Piece: Defeat The Pirate Ganzack, which actually predated the current television series that has over one thousand episodes to its name. This first OVA, which had a brief theatrical release in Japan, can actually be seen on Youtube, with the original story of the Straw Hats being released as a part of a celebration for the series. On top of One Piece, Taniguchi has also dipped his toes into other anime franchises such as Code Geass, Space Dandy, Gundam, and many more. 

(Photo: Toei Animation)

In a recent interview, Oda spilled the beans that he had told Taniguchi how One Piece would end, with the director of One Piece: Red hoping that the series would end as he has been sitting on the secret for nearly twenty-five years at this point. 

While a firm release date for One Piece's finale has yet to be revealed, the Final Act is currently underway within the pages of the manga following the conclusion of the War for Wano Arc. In recent interviews, Oda himself predicted that he had around three more years of stories set for the Straw Hats before Luffy's quest to become king of the pirates will come to a close. At present, the secret of the One Piece treasure remains a mystery, though we're sure that all will be revealed before One Piece finally takes a bow.

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