One Piece Creator Addresses the Mystery Behind Sanji's Best Features

One Piece's anime and manga have demonstrated all sorts of wild abilities that Sanji has at his disposal ever since joining the Straw Hat crew, and the original creator behind it all has addressed the mystery behind some of Sanji's most standout features! Sanji has only gotten more mysterious as when we finally learned about his ties to the Vinsmoke Family, there was a question over whether or not he ended up like the rest of his siblings despite being born human. But as One Piece's Wano Country arc headed towards its climax, this became more mysterious than ever as Sanji's body changed. 

Sanji has been changing gradually through the course of the series, and with the newest volume of One Piece's manga hitting shelves in Japan, One Piece series creator Eiichiro Oda opened up about Sanji's changing body. When asked from a fan about a small change in the direction of Sanji's eyebrows, Oda explained that this was a visual indicator of some much bigger shifts happening to Sanji's body since his fight against Queen on Onigashima. 

(Photo: Toei Animation)

One Piece: What's the Deal With Sanji's Eyebrows? 

When asked about Sanji's eyebrow changing direction in Chapter 1031 of One Piece's manga, only to go back to normal in Chapter 1044, One Piece series creator Eiichiro Oda noted that this indeed was an intentional choice, "You have keen eyes, indeed the eyebrow was changing in those chapters. It'll take us back to [Whole Cake Island] but Sanji's siblings all have their lineage factors altered and thus are born with superhuman qualities and tough skin such as an 'exoskeleton.' However, due to the effort of his mother, Sanji was born as a normal human being." 

When addressing Sanji's eyebrows directly in One Piece's episodes and chapters since his fight with Queen changed his body further, Oda stated "Like you see in Yonji's image, their eyebrow are all opposite of Sanji's and curved like [Germa 66]. 'But then, the raid suit acted as a trigger that discover the power of science inside Sanji!' That was the gist of the fight. Even before that Sanji has this fascinating and unnatural resistance to flame. Let's continue to watch over him." 

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