One Piece Releases Poster for Upcoming Universal Studios Event

One Piece has had a long history with the theme park of Universal Studios Japan, often getting a live stage show or attraction that places a spotlight on the insanely popular anime franchise and this upcoming summer will be no exception as a new poster has been released to tout the return of the series to the heavily attended amusement park! "One Piece Premiere Summer" is promising to not only once again feature a live action show for park attendees but a restaurant that is based around the Straw Hat Pirates' chef, Sanji!

Nearly every year, Universal Studios Japan has featured an attraction from the franchise of One Piece, as well as a number of other locales and attractions from other popular anime franchises. Attack On Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Detective Conan, and Sailor Moon are just a few of the other series that have either been given their own dedicated sections of the park, or have been featured in attractions and rides all their own! Last year, Universal Cool Japan was the name of the anime featured summer, even featuring a crossover between the Evangelion franchise and the king of the kaiju himself as Shinji and company tussled with the latest interpretation of Japan's Godzilla, Shin Godzilla!

The official Twitter Account for One Piece shared the first poster for the upcoming anime attraction, promoting a summer spectacle that will not only allow fans to witness actors dressed as the Straw Hat Pirates but be able to eat some of Sanji's patented food in a restaurant ripped straight from the anime franchise:

The world of One Piece right now is one of the most exciting times for the franchise since its inception, as Luffy and his companions are currently attempting to free the residents of the country of Wano from the tyranny of the shogun Orochi and the captain of the Beast Pirates, Kaido. With Luffy and company wearing similar attire to what they're currently wearing in Wano in this new poster, we would imagine that the "summer spectacle" will focus on events taking place from what is arguably one of the biggest story lines to date!

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