One-Punch Man Cosplay Shows Off Fubuki's Fierce Flair

One-Punch Man has more heroes than it knows what to do with, but fans have found their favorites rather quickly. For anime and manga lovers, it is a given that Genos ranks high on their list, but a certain pair of sisters do too. Fubuki is not an esper to mess with, and one fan showed why that is the case with their fierce cosplay of the heroine.

Over on Reddit, the user MangoeCos shared their take on Fubuki. The hero made her debut after her S-Class sister Tatsumaki was introduced a ways back, but Fubuki isn't someone to overlook just because she's the younger sibling.

As you can see below, this One-Punch Man cosplay brings Fubuki to life with a stunning black dress that features a slit down the thigh. Combined with high socks and clogs, Fubuki's outfit is spot on to the series with its pearls and luxurious shrug. Even the cosplay's hair is done right given its rich color, so there is little to critique in this piece.

Wanted to share my Fubuki! Hoping to cosplay Tatsumaki soon from r/OnePunchMan

According to the cosplayer themselves, this piece was done DIY as they had to alter a dress ordered from Amazon.

"It was actually an altered dress from Amazon. I had to re-fit it and add the collar. Not 100% accurate but way more flattering, esp since a more accurate dress would make me look very stumpy and short," they explained.


Now, One-Punch Man fans have their own idea of how to do a look for Fubuki if they can find a convention down the line. Currently, a slew of events have been cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic, but there is hope for events later on in the year.

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