'One Punch Man' Illustrator Reveals Female Genos Sketch

When it comes to One Punch Man, there are only a handful of heroes who can steal the spotlight from Saitama. The bald hero may be the focal point of the series, but Genos has proven himself as a loyal follower to all things One Punch Man. And, now, fans can see what the hero would look like if he chose to upgrade his cybernetic body.

Over on Twitter, the illustrator of One Punch Man decided to give fans a special treat. After the artist streamed himself drawing, Yusuke Murata shared his gender-bent drawing of Genos. The sketch can be found below, and the stunning image has some fans hoping that Genos is gender fluid.

The heroine sports a similar hairstyle to Genos, but her curves and proportions are very much different. The character, which has been dubbed Genoko, trades in her male counterpart’s training clothes for a sleek dress. The plunging outfit hugs the heroine’s curves, and its strapless shoulders expose the cyborg’s mechanical shoulders.

The gender-bent drawing also gives Genoko less muscle tone than Genos, but fans know the heroine still packs a punch. There is no telling what kinds of upgrades the girl has lurking underneath her metal plating.


There are no plans for One Punch Man to turn Genos into Genoko so far as fans know, but the idea isn’t impossible. Genos is a teenage superhero who lives within a cybernetic body. All Genos would have to do is replace his parts to look the part of Genoko, so there is nothing technically preventing the character’s debut.

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