New Pokemon Trailer Teases Ash's Epic Galar Journey

Pokemon fans bid farewell to generation seven in more ways than one last year. Not only did a new mainline game enter the franchise but fans watched as Ash and Pikachu teamed up for a new series. After the two became the champions in the Alola region, Ash and Pikachu have been traveling the world with a boy named Go at their side, and a new trailer is here teasing their big adventure.

Thanks to The Pokemon Company, fans were given a peek at what's to come for Ash. Right about now, Pokemon: The Series is about to leave its star with an egg that has yet to hatch after some time, but it will not take him long to head back to Galar. Ash has a Champion to challenge, and that means the trainer needs to get some wins under his belt ASAP.

The Pokemon trailer, which can be found below, begins with Leon in his arena with Charizard by his side. It doesn't take long before he is put to the test by Rohan who wants to take his longtime friend and rival down.

The reel goes on to show more of Ash and Go as they work with their Pokemon. Go is shown training Raboot in battle while Gengar and Pikachu hang on Ash's commands. And most importantly, it seems the traveling trainers will have a run-in with the one and only Sobble.


The trailer comes to an end back in Galar with a series of quick shots. Leon and Rohan are seen battling one another while Ash checks his rank on the qualifying board for the Pokemon World Championships. It is his greatest dream to defeat Leon to take the title, but he is going to have some serious challengers. The gym leaders of Galar aren't to be trifled with, and Leon is formidable in and of himself.

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