Pokemon Sees Ash and Pikachu Do Their Own Kamehameha

When most people think of the Kamehameha Wave, their minds go straight to Dragon Ball. The iconic anime made the attack famous decades ago when Son Goku learned the move from Master Roshi. All these years later, the Saiyan still uses the move on the regular, but it seems he's not alone. After all, Pokemon just made a clever nod to the Kamehameha Wave with its latest episode, and the show did not spare any expense.

In fact, fans admit the technique might have suited Ash better in this instance. The hero pulled off his own Kamehameha Wave with Pikachu, and the tandem attack could give Goku's Father-Son attack with Gohan a run for its money.

Recently, Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon put out a new episode, and it was there Ash continued his battle with Professor Kukui. The pair began their fight after Ash won his first ever league to become Alola's very first champion. Now, Ash has taken on Kukui to further prove his abilities, and the trainer dove for a win with a special attack he planned with Pikachu.

Kukui was no pushover as he brought out Tapu Koko to fight. The guardian Pokemon was thought by many to be unbeatable, and that feeling was shared by many since Kukui was directing the land spirit. Of course, Ash was not going to let Tapu Koko's reputation sway him, and he pushed forward with an attack. As you can see above, the reel ends with Pikachu and Ash doing a joint move which performs much like a Kamehameha Wave, and there is good reason for the reference.


Yes, the attack is one that's well known to anime fans, but this Pokemon series has a special tie to the Kamehameha Wave. Long before Dragon Ball made the name popular, Kamehameha was the named of the founder and first ruler of Hawaii. As this Pokemon series takes place in the Hawaiian-inspired Alola region, it makes perfect sense for Ash to channel the name and perform a Kamehameha Wave of his own.

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