Pokemon Anime Honors Team Rocket's Missing Pokemon With Special Tribute

Pokemon has officially said goodbye to Team Rocket with the latest episode of the Pokemon anime, but they made sure to honor Team Rocket's missing Pokemon with a special tribute shouting them out! Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master has been celebrating Ash Ketchum's 25 year long adventure through the anime with a special slate of episodes meant to say goodbye, but as it's been revealed through the past few episodes, it will also be the end of other major characters we've seen in the Pokemon anime like Team Rocket. It's their time to say goodbye too. 

The newest episode of the Pokemon series says its final goodbyes to Team Rocket by bringing back most of the Pokemon partners they were able to catch over the course of their 25 years of following Ash around, and they made one final attempt at Pikachu before it was all over. But this also didn't include some of their most famous partners that fans might remember, and the Pokemon anime made sure to share a special tribute highlighting some of Team Rocket's missing in action members: 

Pokemon: What Happened to Team Rocket? 

Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master Episode 9 seemed to be Team Rocket's final adventure as it began with Giovanni giving the trio all of the older region Pokemon they had kept at the base. But these were obviously missing the members that Team Rocket officially parted ways with over the years. Before the trio moved on with their final attempt at Pikachu, Jesse and James though back on all of their older partners such as Koffing, Arbok, Dustox and more. 

This also seemed to be the final goodbye for the trio too as when the newest Pokemon anime episode came to an end, they broke up with one another as they couldn't come to an agreement over whose fault it was that they couldn't catch Pikachu this time around. There's a chance that they might reunite someday in some future edition of the anime, but for now, Pokemon's anime is saying goodbye to Team Rocket and made sure to get in a final special tribute to do so. 

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