Pokemon: How to Watch Ash Ketchum's Final Episode

In 1997, the world was introduced to Pokemon's most ambitious trainer, and fans have followed Ash Ketchum ever since. The Pokemon character has been traveling with Pikachu at his side for more than 20 years now, believe it or not. It is hard to believe the Pokemon anime has been around for so long, and soon, its next series will go live. However, the new show will not star Ash as its lead, so Pokemon has spent the last month or so tying up loose ends for the hero. And now, Ash's final episode is ready to go live.

Of course, this means fans all over the world are going to want to watch. Pokemon will release Ash Ketchum's final episode in Japan on March 24th whether we're ready or not. But if you were hoping to watch it live, well – it is going to be hard.

Sadly, Pokemon is not part of a simulcast outside of Japan. This means you will only be able to watch Ash's final episode live if you are in Japan and have access to cable. There are no legal streaming options for the Pokemon finale in North America. Currently, Netflix licenses Pokemon in the United States and is still working on the Pokemon Journeys English dub.

Of course, fans are hoping Pokemon's English dub will tackle Ash's farewell season before long. Earlier this year, Japan began its goodbye with Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master, a series dedicated to Ash and Pikachu. The series has reunited the pair with tons of old friends and foes during its run. Its final episode promises to part with Ash in Pallet Town as the trainer will return home to see his loved ones. It is there Gary and Professor Oak will question Ash about his goal and whether his dream of becoming a Pokemon Master has been reached.

Once Pokemon says goodbye to Ash, the anime will carry on in a new form starting April 14th. A new series titled Pokemon is slated to debut on TV Tokyo in Japan, and it will be set in the Paldea region. Two new heroes, Liko and Roy, will lead the series as students wanting to learn the trades or training. So far, very little is known about this upcoming anime, but Pokemon fans are eager to see where the franchise goes next without Ash at the helm. 

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