Pokemon Art Imagines Legendary Baby Pokemon

One of the biggest shake-ups for the Pokemon franchise came relatively early on with the second generation of the original video games. Not only did the Gold and Silver iterations of the games introduce a brand new region filled to the brim with brand new Pokemon and challenges, it also introduced a popular concept for the series fans still love to this day: Baby Pokemon. This primary level showcased a cute new design for a few select Pokemon, and fans have often wondered what others would look like.

Given how the Legendary Pokemon rarely have other forms, one fan has shared some adorable concepts for a few Baby takes on the Legendaries Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi. Check it out below!

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Artist @pinkpalkia (who you can find on Instagram here) shared the Baby Pokemon concepts and they have been a huge hit with fans. According to the artist, this is a series of concepts that also include the Legendary bird trio of Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno, Manaphy, Darkrai, and even the new Legendaries from the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield. Fans should keep an eye on the artist's Instagram for future updates for sure.

The concepts take the already adorable Legendaries and make them even cuter somehow. That seemed like an impossible task, but it's like each of these Pokemon got a new chibi form. Fans definitely wouldn't mind seeing these takes show up in a future iteration of the series!


If you haven't kept up with the current run of the anime, it has officially kicked off the much anticipated Alolan League arc. Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon is described as such, "What starts as a summer vacation in the tropical Alola region turns into the next exciting chapter in Ash Ketchum’s quest to become a Pokémon Master! There’s plenty for Ash and Pikachu to explore in this sunny new region, with exciting new Pokémon to discover and interesting people to learn from along the way—including the cool Professor Kukui and the fun-loving Samson Oak.

More new faces will help guide Ash’s Alolan adventure, in the form of a group of skilled Trainers—Kiawe, Lana, Mallow, and Sophocles—and a mysterious research assistant called Lillie. Frequent foes Team Rocket have also made the trip to Alola, looking to swipe some high-powered new Pokémon. But they have some heavy competition on the villainy front: the ruffians of Team Skull, who delight in causing chaos and may have more sinister intentions..."