Pokemon Coco Animator Shares Gorgeous New Art

Pokemon Coco isn't just the twenty-third feature-length film in the long-running anime franchise, but it will also bring to life a brand new legendary creature in the form of Zarude, and a new piece of artwork shows off a new side to the "dark primate" along with its partner Coco swinging across the vines of the jungle they call home. With the movie already released in Japan, fans in North America are waiting to see the film that will take Ash Ketchum and Pikachu and place them into a new environment that brings them into contact with new characters and old threats!

One of the biggest recent reveals when it came to Pokemon: Secret of the Jungle is that the movie will have Ash make reference to his father, who is currently traveling the world much like his son, attempting to become one of the greatest Pokemon trainers in the world. While Ketchum's dear old dad doesn't directly make an appearance in this, it's clear that the relationship between Zarude and the Tarzan-like boy that Ash comes into contact with brings back old memories of times that the audience hasn't yet been able to see between the father and son. We wonder when, or if, the series will ever introduce Ash's father and whether the father and son will have a Pokemon battle of their own!

The Chief Animation Director of Pokemon Coco, Hirotaka Marufuji, shared this brand new visual from the upcoming anime that shows off Ash and Pikachu zipping through the treetops as they travel into a brand new adventure for the next movie:


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