Pokemon Preview Teases Lugia's Anime Return

Pokemon's latest anime series has been trucking along as it prepares to hit the 20 episode mark, and it has started to carve out its real identity as we get a good grasp on just what Ash and new protagonist Go will be doing with the rest of the season. The latest anime might have had Ash and Go base themselves in the Kanto region, but they have already visited many of the past regions of the franchise and have even bumped into a few Legendaries. One of the first was Lugia, surprisingly, and now it seems like it's on the way back with the next episode.

The preview for the next episode of the series teases one where Ash and Go truly decide what they will be in search for over the course of the rest of the season, but surprisingly Lugia shows up towards the end of the preview. But things don't seem like they're completely okay as Ash seems pretty scared by what he sees when Lugia arrives. Is Lugia going to be okay?

Episode 20 of the series is titled "Go Towards Your Dream! [Ash] and Go!" and the synopsis for the episode teases that Ash and Go will be giving potential young trainers a tour to see the Pokemon, "There's a Pokemon Orienteering event being held at the Sakuragi Laboratories, where you'll pass by various spots as you search for Pokemon! [Ash] and Go have been given the task of serving as the leaders that guide the small children around."


As the synopsis continues, it seems Go and Ash go on their separate ways until Lugia's big return, "The children are divided up into teams and set off! [Ash] gets really focused on the Pokemon battle part of the event, while Go gets really focusing on getting them, and both of them reaffirm what their dreams are. And then, believe it or not, the Legendary Pokemon Lugia shows up?! [Ash] and the others get really excited, but..."

Do you think Lugia is coming back to the Pokemon anime or is there going to be some trickery involved? Do you want to see the anime get an official English release? How does it feel seeing all of these older Pokemon make their way back to the anime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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