Pokemon Evolutions Releases Episode 4: Watch

Pokemon Evolutions has debuted its fourth episode! As part of the massive 25th Anniversary celebration for the Pokemon franchise that has included the likes of a full new anime series exploring the past regions of the franchise, a new era of the trading card game, new releases of the video games, and even collaborations with multiple recording artists for a special anniversary album, there have been a series of brand new shorts exploring the other characters and regions we have rarely seen explored in the anime franchise as well with each episode highlighting a different generation. 

The first three episodes of this special web series have previously explored the Galar, Alola, and Kalos regions, and the newest episode of the Pokemon Evolutions series has gone back with a focus on the Unova region. Titled "The Plan," the fourth episode of the series focuses on the twisted relationship between Ghetsis of Team Plasma and the mysterious N, and how the young boy was raised into the fearsome Zekrom trainer that we meet in the full game. Now we have gotten a fully animated look at what this might have been like. Check it out below from Pokemon's official YouTube account: 

The eight episode Pokemon Evolutions web series will be continuing to explore different facets of each region as it continues, and the current schedule for the current and remaining episodes break down as such (teasing the final four regions we'll see play out and when): 

  • "The Champion" (Galar region) - September 9
  • "The Eclipse" (Alola region) - September 23
  • "The Visionary" (Kalos region) - October 7
  • "The Plan" (Unova region) - October 21
  • "The Rival" (Sinnoh region) - December 2
  • "The Wish" (Hoenn region) - December 9
  • "The Show" (Johto region) - December 16
  • "The Discovery" (Kanto region) - December 23

Pokemon Evolutions is only a small fraction of just how much Pokemon is celebrating its monumental 25th Anniversary, and it's a fun way to look back on just how far the franchise has come since its debut. This also proves just how many stories there are to tell through anime, so hopefully this is just the start of some more anime experiments to come in the future! But what do you think? 

How are you liking Pokemon Evolutions' episodes so far? Which region are you most excited to see in this new way in future episodes? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!