Pokemon Exec Reveals How Pikachu's Legacy Affect Each Generation

Pikachu is far and away the most popular Pokemon in a roster that is currently topping over eight hundred pocket monsters to date. With a new generation coming up in the soon to be released Nintendo Switch video game, Pokemon: Sword and Shield, a recent quote from Ken Sugimoro revealed how each subsequent generation following the first has taken to heart just how the poke-mascot has had an effect on the franchise overall. With this year being the biggest 365 days in the pocket monster's life, it's no wonder that this Pokemon Executive has taken the approach he has with each generation.

Twitter User DrLavaYT revealed the quote from Sugimoro that states that each generation of Pokemon was attempting to create its own version of Pikachu, looking to have each subsequent release have a mascot of its own to sell said gen to the public:

Sugimoro's quote reads: "In every generation, we have a cute electric type Pokemon that fills the "Pikachu role". In the spirit of this tradition, we've created Pichu, Plusle, Minun, and Pachirisu. The're all following in the footsteps of a true star. This Pokemon's only purpose is its cuteness. We create other Pokemon with the mindset that simply being cute isn't enough, but this one really just has to be cute and that's all."

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

What makes this quote so interesting isn't just the need for each generation to have a mascot, but rather that they are considered by the executive to need to be based in electricity as well as fulfill a "cute quota" for the generation, and the franchise, overall.

Pikachu will always have a leg up on other Pokemon because in the anime, he is always at Ash Ketchum's side. Throughout each season and each region, the electric rodent has been right beside Ketchum through some of his toughest fights. The rest of Ash's roster has changed fairly frequently with new Pokemon being added and taken away from his stable over time.


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