Shadow Mewtwo Returning to Pokemon Go According to New Datamine

Pokemon Go is apparently bringing back Shadow Mewtwo to the mobile game, but this time, the powerful Pokemon will be obtainable by all players, not just to a limited group like last time. The return of Shadow Mewtwo was referenced in a Pokemon Go datamine that revealed events and activities coming to the game in the future. Shadow Mewtwo will return alongside unique eggs that spawn certain types of Pokemon as part of some new research quests.

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit TheSilphRoad from the PokeMiners broke down a text update released recently for the game that referenced Shadow Mewtwo and other things coming soon. Shadow Mewtwo and the Shadow Eggs which are now to be called Strange Eggs were included in a section detailing the contents of a new Rocket 7 Research event called “An Inter-egg-sting Development.”

Through the different lines of text showing dialogues we’ll hear during the event, you can see how the Shadow Mewtwo encounters will progress until players are eventually able to have a Shadow Mewtwo of their own.

The text references Team Rocket’s Giovanni and warns players that he has Shadow Mewtwo in his possession. That dialogue progresses until players are tasked with saving Shadow Mewtwo. After making it to the end of the Research event, the near-closing dialogue suggests that players will by that point have saved quite a few Shadow Pokemon including Shadow Mewtwo.

“Not to mention all the Shadow Pokémon you saved along the way, including Shadow Mewtwo!” one of the dialogues near the end of the text update reads.


This Research event will be the first time that Shadow Mewtwo will be widely available for all players. Giovanni previously used Shadow Mewtwo during the Pokemon Go Fest 2020 event which allowed players to face the Team Rocket leader and try to beat his powerful Pokemon. The only way you could actually catch Shadow Mewtwo is if you had a ticket to the event and then completed the Special Research quest, so if you didn’t have that, you were out of luck.

Shadow Mewtwo aside, players will still be able to collect several other species of Shadow Pokemon from the event. The datamine showed that the Strange Eggs will drop from Rocket Leaders and will require an egg space to hatch. Once they hatch, you’ll find that they contain Poison and Dark Pokemon. A release timeframe for the Shadow Mewtwo and Shadow Egg was not given in the datamine, however.