Pokemon Journeys Announces Next Netflix Episode Drop

Pokemon Journeys is the most recent version of the anime, and it is one of the most ambitious anime adaptations to size up Pikachu. The series has been out for quite some time now, and its arrival to the States was heralded by Netflix. Now, it seems new episodes are ready to make their debut on the streaming service, so fans have less than a month to wait.

The information comes from Netflix itself as the home page for Pokemon Journeys has been updated. The title page says the third part of Pokemon Journeys will go live on December 4. There is no word on which episodes are dropping, but fans can expect this third release to go as smoothly as the past two.

Pokemon Journeys Ash Goh Pikachu
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

As you can imagine, fans are excited for this big Pokemon Journeys update. Netflix may not release episodes, but it does put care into the debut of each episode batch. This will help fans in the States catch up with the anime as its broadcast in Japan keeps marching forward.

Over in Japan, things have been going great for Pokemon Journeys. Its reception locked the anime a primetime TV slot recently, and it entered an important arc as of late. The show is finally tackling an arc sourced from Pokemon Sword and Shield. This mysterious arc vows to bring Ash and Goh close to the action as they learn about Chairman Rose's plot to bring back Eternatus. And as of now, the arc has impressed fans and critics alike.


If you want to catch up on Pokemon Journeys, you can do so easily over on Netflix. The streaming service has exclusive streaming rights to the series, so there is no other way to keep up with the show unless you are in Japan to watch new episodes weekly.

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