Pokemon Journeys Reveals Two New Cast Additions

Pokemon Journeys: The Series has added two crucial new cast members to the anime! The anime recently announced it's getting ready to launch a whole new arc based on the Legendary Pokemon Mew dubbed the "Project Mew" arc. While no release date has been set for the start of this new arc just yet, the first trailer for the big arc teases some major shake ups coming to the anime series soon. Not only will this arc feature some major fan favorite character returns, but this also will introduce some new faces to the fold.

The official Twitter account for Pokemon's anime series shared a much closer look at two new additions coming to Pokemon Journeys: The Series for the Project Mew arc, and also revealed who will be providing the voices behind these new additions as well. Hiroshi Kamiya (Attack on Titan's Levi, One Piece's Trafalgar Law) will be voicing new character Tsurugi (left), and Ryoko Shiraishi (Digimon Adventure's Sora) will be voicing Asahi (right). Check out the close look at the newbies below:

The upcoming Project Mew arc for Pokemon Journeys: The Series not only promises some new adventures for Ash and Goh through the area seen in the Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield, but there are some major teases for some fan favorite characters returning to the series as well. This includes Ash's own Pokemon from series' past such as Infernape, Snorlax and more.

This arc will also feature the long teased return of Ash's main rival, Gary Oak, to the series alongside the return of one of Ash's former companions as he takes on another battle in the World Coronation Series, Iris. There's no start date set for this arc just yet, but fans should keep a close eye to see what's coming next!

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