New Pokemon Journeys Synopses Tease Celebi, Bea, and Another Pikachu

Pokemon Journeys has kept fans engaged with its fresh take on the anime, and it has been innovative from the start. Audiences were told this season would be unlike any before it, and it has made good on that promise by sending Ash to various regions for starters. Now, it seems like even more novelties are coming, and Ash will have a fun time with what's on the way.

Recently, fans got a full synopsis for Pokemon Journeys episode 32. It is there fans learned Celebi will stage a comeback as Goh remembers a trip he took where he went searching for the mythical Pokemon. This episode will be a unique one since neither Ash nor Pikachu will be a part of it.

As for episode 33, the update will follow Ash and Goh are they head to a Pokemon Trade event. It is there a trainer will ask to trade with Goh since Ash's friend caught a Pinsir, but the word is out on what kind of Pokemon Goh will get in exchange.

Pokemon Journeys New Title
(Photo: Toei Animation)

A big match will be found in episode 34 when Ash goes up against Bea. The Galar gym leader is known for her love of Fighting-type Pokemon, and she will not be afraid to wreck Pikachu. After all, the synopsis says Ash loses to Bea, so the loss will be a good way to spark the boy's ambition.

The final synopsis posted for Pokemon Journeys is for none other than episode 35, and it will be all about Pikachu. After seeing Ash with his partner, Goh is determined to get his own Pikachu, and he finds a place filled with the wild monsters. The episode's title implies Goh is able to catch his own monster, so fans are secretly hoping the boy catches a female Pikachu to spice up the duo's lives.


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