Viral Pokemon Art Imagines Vaporeon's Live-action Look

Eevee is one of the most popular Pokemon out there, and the franchise has not skimped when it comes to evolving the creature. Over the years, fans have watched as Eevee tried on new Evolution Stones and unlocked new powers with their form. Of course, none of these evolutions can outdo Vaporeon, and the Water-type just got its own fancy makeover IRL.

The scene was created by Chris Masna, an artist and paleontographer. They took to Twitter recently shared a piece of art they've been working on, and it has everything to do with Vaporeon.

The body Pokemon can be seen down below if you want a good look at Vaporeon. This realistic take imagines Vaporeonn as more as of cat-otter than anything else, and it has a jaw so strong that Margikarp cannot break from its jaw. So if you have the chance to teach your Marikarp anything, it should be to Tail Whip or something crazy like that if you want it to have a chance against this evolution!

Looking at this impressive 3D model, fans can only wonder what would happen with a sequel to Detective Pikachu. The movie debuted years ago, and it gave fans their first of some live-action Pokemon. The film, which stars Ryan Reynolds, asked some important questions about relationships and unlikely bonds. Pikachu had to learn that lesson with a little help, and fans were a bit bummed when approximately zero Eevee evolutions appeared in the movie. But if there were ever to be a sequel, we can only hope a Vaporeon this cute would get cast!

What do you make of this realistic redesign? Does it suit Vaporeon...? Or does it make the fan-favorite evolution looking strange? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.