This Heartbreaking Pikachu Detail Just Made Pokemon's Saddest Scene Even More Upsetting

Today marks Pokemon Day 2020, but one of the holiday's celebrations is far more upsetting than [...]

Today marks Pokemon Day 2020, but one of the holiday's celebrations is far more upsetting than fans thought they'd see. When you think of the franchise, you don't conjure up sadness to start, but the anime has had its moments. Time and again, Pikachu and Ash have wrenched hearts on their journeys, but a new detail noted about Pikachu in Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back will make the anime's most depressing scene even more painful.

The note came courtesy of the Twitter user Dogasu, and you will want to take a moment before reading it. In fact, you may want to grab some tissues and prepare to sob a bit as this Pokemon reveal will make even the hardest hearts soften.

"Pikachu's little "Pika Pika"s aren't just random noises; whenever Pikachu says "Pikapi," for example, he's actually calling out his Trainer's name," Dogasu shared, taking note from a recently released Pikachu Translator.

If you haven't put it together, that means Pikachu is really calling out Ash's name, but the translation works better in its original Japanese audio. Overseas, Ash is known as Satoshi, and the three-syllable word is translated into Pi-ka-pi by Pikachu.

"Pay attention to how often Pikachu calls out Satoshi's name during *that* scene in [Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution]," the user warned before sending the tweet.

If you got back to the original Pokemon movie, you will see how often Pikachu cries out Pikapi during Ash's saddest scene. Fans will also remember how the trainer turned to stone after sacrificing himself to keep Mew and Mewtwo from fighting. The moment lives on in history given how sad it was for kids to watch, and Pikachu's reaction to everything only made it worse. With this new translation tidbit in mind, that emotional scene has become even more intense for fans both new and old.

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