Pokemon Fan Perfectly Recreates Viridian Forest in Minecraft

The Pokemon fandom is a huge one, and fans will do just about anything to represent the franchise wherever they go. From school to work, no place is safe from Pokemon. That is true for video games as well as fan-made titles have risen and fallen online. And thanks to one Minecraft builder, they managed to recreate Viridian Forest step for step on a server.

Over on Reddit, the user Soundfairy126 got fans buzzing when they posted a video of their latest work. The fan has spent a lot of time on Minecraft recreating one of the most famous forests from Pokemon. They spent a total of 20 hours making the Viridian Forest scale, and the life-size map will give Pokemon fans all the nostalgia.

Of course, fans were quick to check out the build, and it is spot on to the one in the Pokemon games. You can check out the walkthrough video below, and to make things even more authentic, we suggest you pull up the Viridian Forest theme song on Youtube while you explore.

20 hours later! Life size, to scale Viridian Forest! from r/pokemon

Netizens have given plenty of praise to the creator, and requests are already pouring in for more content. After being asked to make Lavender Town, Soundfairy126 says they'll look at doing the town next now that this forest is complete.

"I might look at doing that next, I wanted to see if I could manage doing the forest before trying to do a to-scale town," they shared.


With this map in mind, there are plenty of Minecraft fans wondering whether they can pull off a build like this. It might take time to get right, but the results are more than worth the effort. And if someone could mod in some random Pokemon encounters, that would make these maps all the better!

What do you think of this scaled Pokemon map? Which other routes and towns should Minecraft builders tackle next? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.