Pokemon Journeys Reveals New Batch of Netflix Episode Titles

Pokemon Journeys made a big splash when it debuted on Netflix in North America, following the latest adventures of Ash Ketchum and his new friend Goh, and the streaming service has released a bevy of new episode titles that will be released this month for Poke-fans. The most recent series has given both Ash and Goh plenty of battles to help in their bids to become the greatest Pokemon trainers in the world, adding some of the strongest pocket monsters to their rosters that either trainer has ever seen before.

The first half of the Pokemon Journeys series, which entailed the twelve episode of the anime, introduced the world touting adventures of an Ash who was high off the victory from the Alola League Tournament. With fans ecstatic to see Ketchum finally winning a tournament, Journeys has been capitalizing on Ash's long journey and career as a Pokemon trainer by having the trainer capturing some of the strongest creatures he's ever seen in his roster. Even with this stronger group, Ash still has faced down some of the strongest opponents that he's ever faced and recently was defeated by the Galar Region trainer known as Bea, who became popular thanks in part to the Nintendo Switch exclusive game of Pokemon Sword & Shield!

Twitter User Pokemon Dub shared nearly a dozen episode titles that will be released in the second half of Netflix's offering of the Pokemon Journeys anime series, further examining the world tour taken by Ash Ketchum and Goh as they try to capture stronger and stronger pocket monsters:

The episode titles include, but aren't limited to "Kicking It From here Into Tomorrow", "Destination: Coronation", "A Talent for Imitation", "Dreams Are Made of These", "Caring for a Mystery", and "Goodbye, Friend!". While the anime series continues to move forward on a weekly basis in Japan, we would imagine that North American fans will have to wait for at least a little while following the unleashing of these new episodes on the streaming service.

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