Pokemon Fans Spot an Clever Detail in Detective Pikachu's Trainer Battle

It has been over a year since Detective Pikachu brought the World of Pokemon to live-action. The ambitious adaptation followed a boy named Tim as he and a Pikachu delved into the mystery behind the death of a loved one. With Tim's dad said to be dead, the pair partner up to discover whether the detective really died, but this emotional story was bracketed by the Pokemon Universe. That is why fans continue to sleuth around the film for hidden references, and everyone was blown away when one detail was spotted during Pikachu's battle with Charizard.

Over on Twitter, the page moviedetail blew away fans with a nugget found in the live-action movie. If you have seen Detective Pikachu, there is no doubt you remember the scene where Charizard battles Pikachu. The underground battle was one of the highlights in the movie, but it saw Pikachu get his butt handed to him. Despite his best efforts, Tim could not get his friend to run away from his foe... and there is the easter egg.

If you have ever played Pokemon video games before, you have more than likely run away from a wild monster before. You can only run into so many Weedle before you lose your mind, but a higher-level Pokemon can often escape a wild encounter. The same cannot be said for Pokemon who are put into a trainer vs trainer battle. You cannot run away from those fights even if you have already taken down seven on your route already. This is why Pikachu cannot run away from Charizard even when Tim pleads for him to do so.; It is not that Pikachu doesn't want to but that he cannot.

This gameplay detail is interesting as it has frustrated gamers for quite some time. It may help you grind out XP and money in a pinch, but the inability to run away from trainer battles has been a consistent truth for Pokemon fans. There is little reason why forfeiting cannot exist in Detective Pikachu, and it might under special circumstances. But for the most part, trainer battles often end up with one Pokemon like Pikachu wanting to run away once they know defeat it just a Flamethrower away.

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